Bluetooth PICONET

The Bluetooth-enabled devices can locate each other, but user action is essential in order to make connections with other devices and networks.

Up to eight devices can be connected to a Bluetooth network called PICONET. One of them acts as a master and the remaining acts as slaves. Hence a maximum of 7 slaves can be supported inside a piconet.

Whenever two or more devices detect each other and communicate through Bluetooth, a PICONET is formed.

One device acts as a master and the remaining devices are slaves. the master device is for initiating the data transmission. The slave devices cannot directly send data to each other.

All the PICONET devices use a frequency hopping sequence.

As simple examples consider a laptop and a tablet where the laptop is the master and the tablet is the slave device. The tablet downloads data from the laptop when both the devices are connected in range.

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