Advantages of Bluetooth

 Advantages of Bluetooth:

i)Wireless internet connectivity:

 A number of devices support Bluetooth. Hence, when these devices connect together, internet connectivity is possible. Also, the devices can use each other's capabilities. A mobile with a Bluetooth connection can request a laptop to establish a Bluetooth connection. Then both the devices i.e. the laptop and the mobile can access the internet through that connection.

ii) Non-cable connections: 

For many short-range wireless interconnections, the cables have been replaced by Bluetooth technology. They comprise printers and modems at 4 Mbps, wireless headsets and microphones for interfacing with PCs and mobile phones, mouse, keyboard, computer connections: 12 Mbps and 480 Mbps USB, etc.

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iii)File sharing: 

Sharing the files between the devices that are enabled with Bluetooth is very easy for sharing files between the devices. Bluetooth on the laptops must be enabled. The Bluetooth-compatible mobile behaves as wireless modems for laptops.

iv) Wireless synchronization: 

The Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices can automatically synchronize with each other. Synchronization provides personal data available in the address. It also provides the appointment sheets that need to be transferred between mobile phones, palmtops, and PDAs.

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