Different Types of Architectures in WSN

 Different Types of Architectures in WSN:

There are 3 types of architecture used in WSNDistributed architecture, Hierarchical architecture, and Clustered architecture.

The below image shows the different types of architectures that wireless sensor networks (WSN) can have. 

Figure (a) shows the distributed architecture where the sensor nodes are all distributed.

Figure (b) shows the hierarchical architecture. The topmost node is the gateway or sinks node. All the other sensor nodes are connected. As shown in the image there are no closed paths. The hierarchical architecture is a tree-like structure.

Figure (c) shows clustered architecture. This architecture is commonly used in wireless sensor networks (WSN) as it provides a good performance.

Different Types of Architectures in WSN

The different sensor nodes are grouped into clusters. The clusters can be of different sizes depending on their node densities. 

Each of these clusters has a node that is called a Cluster Head (CH). The data is transferred from the nodes to the cluster head. The cluster head passes this data to the gateway. The gateway further passes this data to the central base station through different communication media like the internet.

The clustered architecture is important. It is an energy-efficient architecture. Also as the number of nodes, this method provides the desired performance as the number of increased nodes will be added in different clusters.

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