RFID Reader and its Types

RFID Reader and its Types:

RFID Reader
RFID Reader

A reader is a transmitter/receiver that can read or write the RFID tags. It is also called the RFID Interrogator.

A microcontroller, microprocessor, or digital signal processor controls the RFID reader.

For acquiring the data from RFID tags, the Reader is mounted to an antenna. The antenna acquires this data and sends it to the personal computer.

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These are three types of RFID readers. They are:

  1. Fixed Readers
  2. Handheld Readers
  3. Mobile Reader

1) The Fixed Readers have a fixed position. eg. They can be placed at the entry and exit points of big shops, stations, conveyor belts are a factory. The main advantage of fixed Readers is that they automatically acquire the data without involving the operator.

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2) The Handheld Readers read one or two tags at a time. They are analogous to the bar code readers. However, in handheld Readers, the tag need not be clearly visible like bar code readers. Generally, handheld readers are used in shopping malls to scan individual items. 

3) Mobile Readers can be placed in moving devices like a PDA, mobile phones, trolleys, power carts. They are portable and can be moved to read the RFID tags.

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