A Complete Guide to Reactive Strategy

A Complete Guide to Reactive Strategy:

Reactive strategy is based on network communication with limited sets of nodes on explicit demand or request. Hence it depends on searching the route on demand to establish the network path between Source and Sink. eg. TEEN (Threshold Sensitive Energy Efficient sensor Networks) protocol.

In this strategy, all nodes does not have the globally unique or same information as it is requested on a need or request basis. 

To discover a route it floods the route discovery query and the reply is generally transmitted on the reverse path.

Reactive routing strategies may differ in the way by which it reduce the communication overhead by controlling the flooding process.

Reactive routing strategies may also differ in the way they implement the fault tolerance mechanism to recover from the failure if occurs.

In the Reactive strategy delay before sending the packet can be significant if the information is not available in the cache. In this case, it has to first get the information by sending the request and which may result in significant delays.

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