Routing Protocols: Data Dissemination and Gathering

 Routing Protocols: Data Dissemination and Gathering

Routing Protocols: Data Dissemination and Gathering

Introduction to Data Dissemination and Gathering:

WSN are used in a variety of applications ranging from healthcare to the military. The arrangement of sensor nodes in the network depends on the kind of application and its usage. However, the main objective of WSN across all the applications is to collect the data and distribute the collected information. The data collection is also known as data gathering. The process by which data is distributed is known as data dissemination. We will cover these two important steps of WSN in more detail in the forthcoming sections.

(A) Data Dissemination:

Data Dissemination is the process by which data information is transferred from one place to another over the sensor network. The originator of data or the node that generates the data is called the Source node and the receiver of data or the node that receives the data is called the Sink node or Gateway.

The Sink registers its interest to receive the data from the Source. The Source reports the data information to the Sink. The information thus reported is also called the event. The interest here is a description of the event that Sink is interested in.

Thus Data Dissemination is a two-step process:

  1. Data requesting: In this process, the Sink broadcasts its request or interest over the sensor network to receive the data. 
  2. Data receiving: In this process, the Source sends back the requested data after receiving the related request or interest.

All the intermediate nodes in the network cache the data during the entire process to enhance the performance and improve the efficiency for the next request of a similar type.

Some examples include the weather conditions like temperature and air humidity data collection. The above image shows the sensor network for data dissemination.

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(B) Data Gathering:

The process by which the data collected by sensor nodes is transferred to the base station is called Data Gathering.

Data gathering algorithm should be designed such that it maximizes the communication between the nodes and base station, thereby reducing the power consumption and gathering delay.

When the base station receives the data from all the nodes it is called one round of communication.

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