What is Data Dissemination?

 What is Data Dissemination?

Data Dissemination
Data Dissemination

Data dissemination is a process where the data is transmitted from one node to other over the sensor network for management, control, and analysis.

The node that generates the data is the source node and the node that receives the data is called as sink node.

In order to provide efficient data transmission from the source node to the sink node, there should be a data dissemination protocol.

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The data dissemination protocols must ensure the successful transmission of data to the sink node. They are related to the routing protocols that are designed to compute a path between the source and sink nodes.

Data dissemination protocol is a two step process:

  • Step I: Data requesting: The sink broadcasts its request or interest over the sensor network to receive the data. The sink sends a query that comprises information about transmission to the sink, time duration for data reporting, frequency of data reporting, etc. 
  • Step II: Data receiving: The source sends back the requested data after receiving the related request or interest.

The data dissemination protocols should specify whether data is to be transmitted in unicast mode or broadcast mode.

In directed diffusion (DD) protocol the source generates a request which diffuses through the network hop by hop and is broadcasted by each node to its neighbor. It considers only one sink node.

Two-tier data dissemination (TTDD) protocol and sink accessing data from environments (SAFE) protocols use multiple sinks.

The two-tier data dissemination (TTDD) protocol employs two-tier grid architecture. The query is processed in a small area so as to develop grid architecture. The node that is nearest to the grid crossing point is called the dissemination node.

A SAFE protocol manages multiple sinks i.e. if the same data is transmitted from source to multiple sinks. This protocol conserves energy and prevents duplication of data.

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