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Published: August 9th 2022

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Day sixteen. Up with the larks (by comparison with the rest of the week) it was time to ship out. Ash feasted on bled cake for breakfast (when you’ve got to eat all the food before you go you can be forgiven) and we loaded up the car, got our sunglasses on (no rain today) did one last check of the apartment and headed to the beach for one last paddle. The danger flies joined us as we sat for one final drink at the beach bar, Seth and I ate giant ice creams (god’s honest truth Seth made me, he’d got to the kiosk and ordered me a Siberian blueberry before I’d even got up from my chair as he wanted me to have one as well!) Finally bidding farewell to the beach and the bar we got back to the car. I looked for my glasses. I couldn’t find my glasses. We hunted, felt under the seats but nopr, no glasses just the sunnies on my face. On about day two my other pair had deconstructed so I was already one pair down and now had no idea where pair two was. We headed back to bled centre and decided to go back to the apartment to make sure, even though I was fairly sure they weren’t there. As we pulled up at the parking place, glinting on the floor was one pair of glasses. As I got nearer, I realised that, unless I had been painted by Picasso, these glasses were unlikely to fit my face. Seemingly they had been slightly run over and one arm was pointing down. As I showed Ash, said arm promptly fell off. So now, with a week to go, I have two fully armed pairs of prescription sunglasses and two pairs of normal glasses with a total of two arms between them! No idea quite what I’ll do but I suspect tape, super glue or an elastic band may be part of the plan! We headed out of Bled somewhat sadly, it’s an outstanding place. Through the karrawanken tunnel and back into Austria. It must be the mountains but the air in Austria is different, clear and somehow totally free of humidity the cool breeze and warm sun were like a breath of literal fresh air. We parked up at the seepark, an amazing swimming lake with a slide, play area and stunning surroundings. Seth again jumped straight in, Ash did his best Peter Andre and Seth got more use out of his snorkel. Tea was had overlooking the lake, Ash likened me to gentle Ben as I tucked into a giant bit of salmon and, by some miracle only one danger fly. They must not like mountain air so much! We headed down the road to our hotel, one we’d stayed in before and lived for it’s real Austrian feel though looking around all the places here are, well, Austrian! We parked up and tried to work out what we needed to actually take in for the night. The answer was very little but, realising we couldn’t exactly wander in with pants and PJ’s over our arm, I opened the back door to get out a bag. As I did this all the chicken crisps, two bottles of water and an onion fell out, much to the entertainment of the three very very Austrian men sat at the front of the hotel. I chucked ash a Lidl carrier bag for the stuff, asking him to remove the onion in the bottom of it as I rescued it’s friend and tried to repack the car. Eventually we made it to the hotel to be greeted by the owner wearing actual genuine leather leiderhosen. With embroidery and everything. Austria really couldn’t be more Austrian if it tried and I love it. We got to the room, Seth made potions (don’t ask)I unpacked the bag to find the Slovenian onion still in there and we took in another great day.


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