Visitor Location Register (VLR)

 Visitor Location Register (VLR):

Visitor Location Register (VLR)
Visitor Location Register (VLR)

The Visitor Location Register (VLR) contains selected administrative information from HLR essential for call control and provision of subscribed services.

The Visitor Location Register (VLR) is a temporary database. It stores the IMSI number and customer information for each roaming customer visiting the coverage area of a specific MSC.

It consists of the information of every user visiting in that area. 

When a mobile that is roaming, is logged in the Visitor Location Register (VLR) the MSC sends the essential information to the subscriber's HLR so that calls to the roaming mobile can be routed over the PSTN by users HLR.

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The Visitor Location Register (VLR) also contains information about the locally activated features like call forward on busy.

The temporary subscriber information in Visitor Location Register (VLR) includes.

(i) Currently activated features.

(ii) International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI). 

(iii) Current location information about the mobile station (MS). 

(iv) Directory number to route calls to the roaming station.

(v) Copy of subscriber data from HLR.

(vi) Temporary mobile station identity (TMSI).

(vii) Location where the mobile is registered.

(viii) HLR address.

(ix) Mobile station ISDN number.

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