American Airlines' Policy for Passengers who are Obese

When it comes to air travel, it is important for airlines to establish policies that ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. American Airlines, like many other airlines, has guidelines in place to address the needs of passengers who are obese. In this blog post, we will explore American Airlines' policy for passengers who are obese and the accommodations they provide.

Understanding American Airlines' Policy

American Airlines' policy for passengers who are obese is designed to ensure that everyone on board has a comfortable and safe flight experience. The policy takes into consideration the size and weight of passengers, as well as the seating arrangements on the aircraft.

According to American Airlines' policy, passengers who are unable to fit into a single seat with the armrests down are required to purchase an additional seat. This is to ensure that both the passenger and those seated next to them have enough space and can travel comfortably.

American Airlines understands that discussing weight and size can be sensitive, and they strive to handle these situations with respect and discretion. The airline's goal is to find a solution that meets the needs of the passenger while also considering the comfort and safety of other passengers.

Accommodations for Passengers who are Obese

American Airlines provides certain accommodations for passengers who are obese to ensure their comfort throughout the journey. These accommodations include:

  • Providing the option to purchase an additional seat at a discounted rate to ensure adequate space for the passenger.
  • Allowing passengers who have purchased an additional seat to pre-board the aircraft to ensure a smooth and hassle-free boarding process.
  • Offering assistance in finding alternative flights or seating arrangements if the aircraft does not have available seats to accommodate the passenger.

It is important for passengers who anticipate needing an additional seat to inform American Airlines in advance. This will allow the airline to make the necessary arrangements and ensure a seamless travel experience for everyone involved.

Requesting a Refund for the Additional Seat

If a passenger who is obese has purchased an additional seat but the flight is not full, they may be eligible for a refund for the cost of the additional seat. American Airlines' policy states that passengers in this situation can request a refund after the completion of their journey.

However, it is important to note that the refund is subject to certain conditions and restrictions. It is advisable for passengers to review the specific refund policy with American Airlines or consult with their customer service representative for more information.


American Airlines strives to provide a comfortable and inclusive travel experience for all passengers, including those who are obese. Their policy for passengers who are unable to fit into a single seat ensures that everyone has enough space and can travel safely.

If you are a passenger who is obese and planning to fly with American Airlines, it is important to familiarize yourself with their policy and make the necessary arrangements in advance. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for yourself and your fellow passengers.

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