Fresh Water Cooling System

 A water cooling system for a slow-speed diesel engine. It is divided into two separate systems: one for cooling the cylinder jackets, cylinder heads and turbo-blowers; the other for piston cooling.

by clicking the diagram the names will be clearly visible.

The cylinder jacket cooling water after leaving the engine passes to a sea-water-circulated cooler and then into the jacket-water circulating pumps. It is then pumped around the cylinder jackets, cylinder heads and turbo-blowers. A header tank allows for expansion and water make-up in the system. Vents are led from the engine to the header tank for the release of air from the cooling water. 

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A heater in the circuit facilitates warming of the engine prior to starting by circulating hot water. The piston cooling system employs similar components, except that a drain tank is used instead of a header tank and the vents are then led to high points in the machinery space. A separate piston cooling system is used to limit any contamination from piston cooling glands to the piston cooling system only.

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