Two Stroke Engine Definition

A cross-section of a two-stroke cycle engine is shown in Figure. 

The piston is solidly connected to a piston rod that is attached to a crosshead bearing at the other end.

The top end of the connecting rod is a Cross-section of a two-stroke diesel engine. also joined to the crosshead bearing. Ports are arranged in the cylinder liner for air inlet and a valve in the cylinder head enables the release of exhaust gases. The incoming air is pressurised by a turbo-blower which is driven by the outgoing exhaust gases. 

The crankshaft is supported within the engine bedplate by the main bearings. A-frames are mounted on the bedplate and house guides in which the crosshead travels up and down. The entablature is mounted above the frames and is made up of the cylinders, cylinder heads and the scavenge trunking.

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