Anchor Handling Equipment

The windlass is the usual anchor handling device where one machine may be used to handle both anchors. A more recent development, particularly on larger vessels, is the split windlass where one machine is used for each anchor. One unit of a split windlass is the rotating units consist of a cable lifter with shaped snugs to grip the anchor cable, a mooring drum for paying out or letting go of mooring wires and a warp end for warping duties. 

Each of these units may be separately engaged or disengaged by means of a dog clutch, although the warp end is often driven in association with the mooring drum. A spur gear assembly transmits the motor drive to the shaft where the various dog clutches enable the power take-off. 

Separate band brakes are fitted to hold the cable lifter and the mooring drum when the power is switched off. The cable lifter unit is mounted so as to raise and lower the cable from the spurling pipe, which is at the top and centre of the chain or cable locker. 

Details of the snugs used to grip the cable and of the band brake can be seen. Anchor capstans are used in some installations where the cable lifter rotates about a vertical axis. Only the cable lifter unit is located on deck, the driving machinery being on the deck below. A warping end or barrel may be driven by the same unit and is positioned near the cable lifter.

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